Who are we?

The European Business and Innovation Centre (CEEI/ BIC) of Albacete is a provincial organization with European projection. Established as a Non-profit making Foundation, it was created thanks to cooperation between the public and private sectors, with a wide consensus among the regional and local development bodies.

The objectives of the Foundation CEEI Albacete are to boost the creation of new businesses, especially those which are innovative or diverse, fostering new lines of activity in already-existent businesses and helping entrepreneurs in the process of starting their projects.

In 1984 CEEIs started to be created throughout Europe as an instrument of industrial and business development under the initiative of the Director General of Regional Politics (DGXVI) of the European Union Commission.

The CEEI Foundation of Albacete is part of the European Network EBN (European Business and Innovation Centres -BIC- Network) that gathers more than 170 CEEI/BIC throughout Europe and which has distinct characteristics which credit its work. Belonging to EBN allows a bigger diffusion of new technologies and a bigger internationalization of businesses and projects. It is also part of the National Association of Spanish CEEI (ANCES) which unites 28 CEEI/BIC in the whole of Spain.