The Foundation CEEI Albacete is channel and support for:

Entrepreneurs who take the initiative to create a business which is going to bring innovation and development to the business sector of Albacete, but who do not have the necessary knowledge and experience to create and manage a small or medium sized company.

Already-established small or medium sized companies that wish to innovate their production process, their management or their marketing, or wish to adopt new technologies that will make them more competitive.

Entrepreneurs and projects coming from the academic sector and local economic development. We will help them so they can turn their innovative ideas into projects and then, these into business realities.

Services offered by Foundation CEEI Albacete

Activities and services developed and offered by the Foundation CEEI Albacete to attain its objectives are defined as follows:

  • Diffusion of enterprising culture to develop new initiatives.
  • Identification of business projects.
  • Orientation and Information about potential markets and business opportunities, technology, financing, legal proceedings …
  • Business plan to analyse the technical, economic and financial viability of the business project and to plan its development.
  • Training to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for business management.
  • Start-Up, start business activity and help during the first crucial years.
  • Infrastructures and premises with logistic and administrative services and places to let.
  • Business development supporting innovation, technology transfer and internationalization.